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Out with the Old, In with the Bold: It's Time for a New Headshot

Remember when floppy disks were a thing, and pagers were the epitome of cool? If your headshot is still stuck in the era of dial-up internet, it might be time for a [photographic] intervention...

The Discovery

It all begins when you stumble upon that relic of a headshot buried in the deep recesses of your desk drawer. The one where your hair could double as a windbreaker (like my hair in this photo of my sister and I in 1991...), and your fashion sense screamed "I'm ready for the millennium, baby!" Ah, the memories – or in this case, fashion nightmares.

A (Laughable) Trip Down Memory Lane

As you revisit the past through the lens of your dated headshot, it's hard not to cringe. Was that really your best attempt at looking professional? You might ponder if the photographer was secretly moonlighting as a glamour shots photographer from the '80s.

The Decision

Once you've had your fill of nostalgia (and a few chuckles at your questionable fashion choices), it's time to make a bold decision – it's intervention time for that ancient headshot. Because let's face it, your career deserves better than a visual representation stuck in a time capsule.

Selecting the Right Photographer

In your quest for a new headshot, choose a photographer who understands that your goal is not just an updated picture but a full-on makeover of your professional image. Jacy Jo Photography will help capture your essence without making you feel like you're auditioning for a '90s sitcom.

The Dilemma of Outfit Choices

Now comes the wardrobe struggle – do you recreate your old headshot for the sake of irony, or do you fully embrace the fashion evolution you've undergone? Decisions, decisions. But choose wisely, and don't be afraid to let your personality shine through your attire. Jacy can help guide you through some of these decisions.

Strike a Pose

With Jacy directing your headshot session, she'll help guide you through thoughtful poses, carefully crafted expressions, and a deliberate effort to capture your true essence. 

Embrace Your New Headshot

With your new headshot in hand, or more accurately, in your email inbox, it's time to update every profile, resume, and social media account. 

From LOL to LinkedIn

With the new year upon us, it's time to say cheese, say goodbye to the past, and get ready for your fresh, updated headshot. Cheers to the new you, the one who's ready to conquer the world armed with killer headshot!




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