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We hope you can join for oil night in February!

Thursday, February 2nd at 7pm

The Loft on Main

We want to get a head count ASAP so we have enough supplies for everyone!  Please select your choices so we can be prepared - and if you aren't sure, that's OK too!  It'll be fun either way.  I promise!

We'll have the iTOVi & supplies to make customized roller bottles.

We are making laundry detergent this month.  One batch of laundry detergent lasts about 1.5 months at our house.

We are also making household cleaner.  We have 6 of these glass spray bottles in our home (1 under every sink).  The cost to refill the glass jar with non-toxic cleaner is only about $3/bottle!  It's a WIN-WIN!




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How many batchs of laundry detergent? (Approx. $10 each)
How many glass bottles for household cleaner? (Approx. $8 each)

Thanks for submitting!

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